At CheaperPay, we specialise in cost effectively setting up businesses all over the UK with the ability to take a variety of different card payments.

Our Services

Card Machines

Choose from countertop, portable and mobile terminals, dependent on your business requirement. All our Terminals come Apple Pay ready.

Point of Sale

You’ve worked hard to get your business going. Isn’t it time you gave it and yourself an advantage? Now you can with the Clover Station.

Virtual Terminal

Being able to take payments over the phone has never been simpler.


If you have an online business and need the ability to take payments our Payment Gateway has you covered.


Simple Setup

We deliver innovative solutions to facilitate small to medium sized businesses with taking debit and credit card payments, most importantly increasing revenue.Getting set up made easy.

Affordable Rates

Our low transaction costs are what make CheaperPay one of the most affordable Merchant service suppliers available.

UK Based Call Centres

Our UK based office means you are only one call away from one of our Accredited advisors. Our dedicated team provides quality in service to make sure our customers receive the correct product at an affordable price for their business.

Fast & Secure Processing

Each transaction is processed quickly and securely using the latest in anti fraud systems.


Research by Santander in 2013 confirms that small businesses are losing out through a lack of cashless options, highlighting that a third of shoppers avoid businesses that fail to take card payments; in addition, while nearly 80% of consumers confirmed that they carry less cash now than five years ago, 60% said they would use small businesses more often if they could pay using cards.




Get a Quote

Call us and speak with one of our accredited advisers for a free quote.

Register over the Phone

We are a ‘Green Company’, CheaperPay reduces cost and waste by arranging everything over the phone. No paperwork required.

Terminal Arrives

We aim to have your terminal delivered as early as 5 working days.

Install in Seconds

It is a quick and easy process of installation. If you are unsure or not ‘Tech Savvy’ don’t worry. CheaperPay has a help desk who are more than happy to assist installation.