The global pandemic has arguably shifted economic and social trends when it comes to consumerism and, more specifically, how we spend money. The demand for online purchases, and the refraining from using handheld cash for transactions (largely due to hygienic reasons), means we have seen a transition away from paper cash in goods and services transactions.


What this means is that businesses and industries that largely take physical cash payments for services may now need to adopt a portable card machine. 


Here are some examples of such businesses…




How many times have you been in a taxi, realised you haven’t got enough cash for the fair and have to ask the driver to stop at a cash point along the way? Well this has happened to plenty of people, and with consumers holding less and less cash, it will likely be even more common. 


If the taxi driver was to be in possession of a card machine this will not only benefit the customer, but it will also be advantageous to the taxi company who can ensure that they are always paid in full and that their staff are not required to handle money which, as mentioned before, is unhygienic in a pandemic climate.



Takeaway Deliveries

Small business takeaways who deliver food would also be great beneficiaries of portable card machines for their delivery staff. This will ensure that customers are still able to pay at the door, even if they’re strapped for cash. When you can provide your customers with more payment options, they will be more willing to pay and use your services in the future since they can pick their most convenient payment method.


According to a study by CyberSource Corp., businesses who provide four or more payment methods have a significantly higher sales conversion rate than those who limit their customer’s options. That’s why it could be a good idea to adopt portable card machines into your business.



Outdoor Services (Pubs & Restaurants)

With the UK government recently announcing the roadmap for relieving lockdown restrictions, it appears as though from April 12th, businesses such as restaurants and pubs will be able to open if they can serve people outside in gardens and outdoor dining areas. 


Since it will be advisable to not allow customers into the building premises, having a portable card machine will be integral to being able to open in April. Waiting staff will need to be able to take a card machine directly to the customer outside in order to take payment rather than requiring the customer to pay at the till (often at the bar) inside.



Getting your hands on a portable card machine

Through our partners Payatrader and SumUp we are able to provide low-cost mobile terminals designed specifically for the small business market. We know that you don’t want to be tied into long contracts or tying yourself in for large fixed costs that could affect your cash flow. That is why we have set up an agreement with Payatrader and SumUp  which allows us to offer this solution to our clients.


Find more about our partner’s portable card machines here, and here.