For many e-commerce start-ups, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are something you don’t have to participate in, but they’re impossible to avoid. In 2018, the two events collected $14.1bn USD (Cyber Monday $7.9bn and Black Friday $6.2bn) in the US alone, which is no easy or common feat. Last Cyber Monday was even the highest amount of e-commerce sales in one day in world history.

While it might seem like they’re both one-off events that are over in a flash, companies build up marketing campaigns over time for months on end in the build-up to these two days.

It may be getting closer every day, but starting as soon as possible is essential if you want to have traffic on your site in time. It’s also worth noting that the closer you get to Black Friday, the more competition you’ll face, and the higher the costs.

Here are a few of our tips to help you maximise on this opportunity:


Make it easier for customers to buy

If everyone is bringing their best deals to the table, the difference is who makes it the most convenient for the buyers. The more complicated your checkout system is, the more likely you are to see potential customers leave to see what your competitors have for sale.

A system where users can create accounts would be helpful, and provide you with a higher conversion rate come November. If people can save their info and be emailed about future deals, they’re also more likely to return to the site.

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Keep the older stock for it

Some businesses tend to use Black Friday/ Cyber Monday as a chance get rid of some stock they’ve had lying around that they can’t seem to shift, which is a great idea. This strategy means you don’t have to spend a lot of money to take part in the event, and you can clear up some space for new products.


Get more traffic to your e-commerce site

Easier said than done, but possible. People love brands that they trust, so it’ll be an uphill battle to convince customers you’re not scamming them. If you already have a loyal audience, an email campaign to remind let them know they could potentially save them some money would do wonders in driving people to your site. If you don’t, building one should be a priority.

From now on, we recommend having an opt-in subscriber list option at checkout so you can bulk up those numbers. When the time comes, having the ability to broadcast your best Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals to a huge group of people will come in handy.


Did you do Black Friday last year? Look back and analyse.

Data is amazing! If you took part in either of the two events last year, make sure to have a look back and see if there were any surprises, things that sold better than you expected, items that maybe flopped and other things you can learn from.




You don’t need much to get in on all of the free publicity that can come from Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but a small amount of creativity can go a long way. After a successful week, you will have a solid foundation to grow on for the short-term and long-term!


Feel like you’re missing out?

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