As time goes by, what was once an exclusive thing becomes common to most. Chip and PIN is an example of this, once being only for the upper corporate world and now being an asset to any small business across the country. This major change has come from the technology being streamlined into a smaller and cheaper package whilst still remaining just as efficient- and here’s why you should look into it for your business:


Why should you buy one?

Chip and PIN has been a game changer for many small businesses, and such should be expected. In many cases, a one-off payment is all that’s needed for the device as a whole, and then only a regular transaction fee of around 2% of profits. It is also a near instant installation, so you can start using it straight away.


In this age, almost every business is expected by their customers to take card payments. Some reasons for this would include the convenience of not having to look for change, and the convenience of not having to take money out before shopping.


The whole system is also encrypted, so you don’t need to worry about anyone stealing money from a customer, or your store.


On the subject of cash, installing the Chip and PIN system isn’t that costly. With new products constantly being released and improved, the cost of the devices you’ll need has been lowered significantly and allowed business both big and small to have equal opportunity when it comes to their in-store equipment.

With card readers now being both cheap and widely available, getting one for your business is a no-brainer to appear both professional and modern.

There’s a great probability your competitors are already using card readers to provide the best customer service they can. Having this payment method stops you from being seen as outdated or inconvenient, which are two labels a business does not want to have.


On top of that, you don’t want to deny a customer a product due to your business not accepting certain payment methods. More and more businesses are now accepting the Chip and PIN method as well, making it a surprise when a business still only takes cash.

Lagging behind when it comes to card readers will definitely damage your brand and its potential profits. Changing all that by installing a card reader, however, will definitely boost your revenue and customer base.


How it may differ from business to business

Mobile Chip and PIN

Does your business require workers travelling to the customer, such as with delivery services? Normally, that’d be something where cash would be a necessity but with mobile Chip and PIN machines, this is no longer a problem. Taking a payment at a customer’s home or on the road is now as easy as doing so in store. The mobile reader connects either to a mobile network or through your phone, to offer both ease of transaction and better service to your customers or clients.


In the case of restaurant payments, they use a base unit with an online connection that several card readers in the vicinity connect to. This allows you to move directly to your customer’s seat for the payment. or anywhere else in the building, making the system perfect for restaurants.

This isn’t just something for restaurants though, with this convenient method of payment excelling in any field where there is a server moving around to customers.


Card machines are incredibly important, as they open up another avenue for sales, gives another layer to your customer service, and stops your store keeping an unhealthy amount of cash on premises.

With the customers expecting both cash and cards to be payment options, it’s a good option for both you and your customers.

It’s no secret that stores with card readers have more sales, so what are you waiting for?


Looking to get a card reader?

Here at CheaperPay, we have 3 card reader options for businesses. We are able to provide low cost terminals designed specifically for the small business market. This is why we completely avoid long-term contracts, and don’t partake in large fixed costs that would affect your cashflow. We offer all three of the terminals mentioned in this post, and can even offer further advice on request! Visit to get a FREE quote.