One in 20 people are already making mobile payments once a week or more.

A quarter (25%) of British consumers plan to make a contactless payment with their smartphone over the next 12 months, according to a research by MasterCard.

At present, one in 20 people are already making mobile payments once a week, or more. The research found that the majority of people (65%) are worried what would happen if their device falls into someone else’s hands.

MasterCard UK & Ireland digital payments head Elliott Goldenberg said: “We have built the secure foundations for these payments across our network.

“You can load your MasterCard onto your device through Android Pay, confident in the knowledge that it gives you all the benefits and consumer protection of a card transaction. Our research shows that one in three people intend to link to their credit card for that reason.”

One of the key differences between contactless and mobile payment is that mobile enables for purchases in excess of £30 with the help of verification methods like tokens. They make sure that user’s card’s details are not passed on to the retailer.

Goldenberg said: “As consumers increasingly recognise these benefits, mobile payments will begin to see the kind of growth that contactless has had over the last two years.”

MasterCard Digital Enablement Service (MDES) helps transform any connected device into a commerce device to make and receive payments.

In setting up a device for Android Pay, MasterCard will create a digital token, which differs from the user’s credit card number.

It will be stored on a secure server, and cannot transact through any other device. When a consumer wants to buy something, it is the token that gets provided, not the actual card number.

The new feature is available in several banks, including Bank of Scotland, Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds, MBNA and M&S Bank.

MasterCard said it continues to work with other UK banks to allow more consumers to take advantage of the new payments innovation.

Earlier this year, research from TNS revealed that people in London are seting the adoption pace when it comes to managing their finances using a smartphone.

The research found that 60% of Londoners use mobile devices to manage their accounts, the largest proportion of any region.


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