THREE suspected card skimming devices have been seized by officers after the technology was uncovered on cash points in the town this weekend.

This is not the first time similar devices have had to be removed from ATM machines in the town this year.

Police have released a photograph of the latest devices seized so members of the public are aware of what to look out for.

One devices was found at the Natwest Bank on Warrington Road in Culcheth at 8.15pm on Sunday.

Other devices have been found in the town centre including at Barclays Bank in Golden Square.

A spokesman for Cheshire Police has issued a reminder to shoppers to always cover the pin pad when entering details.

He added: “Please use your eyes around the cash point and check for anything out of place on the machine or anyone acting in a suspicious manner such as paying close attention to the cash point.”

The design of the device used by the thieves is simple but effective.

A false cover, which is often made in a similar colour and material of the cash machine, is inserted into the card slot.

This is connected to an iPod which is installed above the keypad and captures the customer entering their pin via a camera.

The iPod is hidden by a case which again is often made in a similar colour and material as the cash machine.

The card becomes lodged in the machine leaving the customer with no choice but to walk away without the card.

The skimming device is quickly retrieved then by the fraudster who now has the means to go on a shopping spree at the customer’s expense and can potentially run up staggering bills.

The spokesman for Cheshire Police thanked the ‘observant members of the public’ who spotted the devices and have ‘frustrated the efforts of the alleged offenders’.



– Via Warrington Guardian